Client projects range from simple installation of logos into keystrokes of typefaces to extensive modifications. They include:

  • creating italic, bold, and condensed faces from roman fonts
  • altering faces for low-resolution and very small printing
  • creating and embedding bitmaps into True Type format fonts for accurate and controllable pixel display for POS screen displays
  • altering existing fonts to include Czech diacriticals
  • merging expert and roman fonts to make small cap use more efficient, and many other projects involving the insertion of special characters into standard fonts

This project was for artist James Carl, who drew bottles and their caps in Illustator, and had Archetype place them into a font. The capitals of each character is the bottle's cap.

This small cap font was created to allow true small capitals instead of simply scaling down the capitals. The characters have been corrected for weight and width to allow a proper balance between the caps and small caps. Old style numbers were also added.

This font without counters and attenuated interior acute angles for casting in concrete was created for an architectural application.

In this typeface, French accents were replaced with Eastern European accents